Accessories Photoshoot

Is it fashion to take a photoshoot with a flower crown?

Now a few days, most photographers include a romantic engagement session in their wedding packages. I strongly recommend making the small investment, if one is not included. Many brides do not know all of the benefits of taking photos with a flower crown. Your photographer will have the opportunity to see which light, perspective and pose work best for you and your wedding fiancé BEFORE! And you’ll get some fun and happy pictures of yourself and your potential hubby.

When you have your photo shoot scheduled, here’s a few things you can do to prepare:


brideNext, determine how formal or relaxed you want your photos to be. Would you want pictures of your marriage to make your daily relationship more causal? A basic combination of t-shirt and jeans will fit in that situation. Are you more like a couple forwards of fashion? Can you see a more formal look about yourself? Whatever you decide make sure you ‘re both on the same page.

Ask your photographer what they suggest, but most people will say to avoid clothing that has busy designs, floral prints, and repetitive black or white fashions. Sticking to solids constitutes a safe bet.


Locations of your photo shoot are infinite possibilities. Many couples choose their home’s comfort while others venture out. Would you and your bridegroom have a special place for you? Do you both love the beach, and perhaps a rustic spot outdoors? Have you been going to something special on your first date, or where he proposed? Choose the one you can have the most fun with and know the benefits of taking a photoshoot with a flower diadem!

flower diadem


I still recommend that my brides try to arrange their hair and makeup trial for their engagement shooting morning. I am sure you want the pictures to look amazing anyway! You’ll also have the chance to see how your hair and makeup hold up with your photographer as you prance around. Just to be sure, have a bit of time to change any beauty needs between the trial and photo shoot.

A HAVE FUN is the most important advice! Upon your wedding you’ll have hundreds (if not thousands) of formal portraits. Your photography engagement shoot is the ideal chance to let your personality shine. Be sure to ask your photographer all the questions while planning your wedding before venturing out on your engagement shoot.