Should I let my future husband see a wedding dress?

The groom is not usually expected to see the wedding dress before the service. You may wonder, though, if the bridesmaid’s dresses are all right for the groom to see.

So, will the groom see the dresses for the bridesmaid? To see the bridesmaid’s dresses is perfect for the groom. Indeed, he can also help with color selection and matching the shirts and ties of the groomsmen. The only gown the groom shouldn’t see is the wedding dress of the bride.

Here’s some history behind the pros and cons of letting a future husband see a wedding dress and why seeing the bridesmaid’s dresses isn’t a big deal for him.


The custom of not letting the groom see the wedding dress before the wedding started during the period when there were traditional arranged marriages. In fact, before the wedding the engaged couple were not allowed to see each other at all … let alone to see the wedding dress.

The wedding literally symbolized a contract between two families in which the daughter of the brides will turn her over to a wealthy family member. He would conceal her from her future husband, however, so that if she was unattractive the man would not run away and call off the wedding.

The bride and groom were therefore not allowed to meet until the marriage ceremony. The bride’s veil was also intended to hide her face so that the groom couldn’t see what she looked like until the last possible moment (when it was practically too late to call it off).

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Today, before the service, many brides still don’t want their future husband to see their wedding dress. Which makes their special day much more fun and exciting. Others think it’s “unlucky” to see the wedding dress before the wedding

Many people right before the ceremony want to share a special “first look” where they have an intimate moment before they go to their guests. Their wedding photographer will normally catch the moment for them.

You can also opt to take formal photographs before the ceremony in order to save time between the ceremony and the reception. In this scenario, earlier in the day, you will have your “first look,” with the following images.