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How early to get hair and makeup done before the wedding

You just get married once and if anything goes wrong you won’t be able to go back and do away with the tragedy that may have occurred or might have happened. Everything has to be double-checked and secured to the last detail, including your bridal hair and make-up. Hair and makeup trials to get hair done before the wedding are also necessary to ensure you, the bride, are comfortable before the wedding ends.

What are beauty and makeup tests being done?

Ideally, the trials have to be held a few weeks before the actual wedding. It must be done at least 2 to 3 weeks before your wedding, to be healthy. Why? For what? Another explanation is that the stylist won’t forget the hair and makeup you like. The knowledge is new, and he or she will conduct it effectively and in compliance with your requirements. Another reason is to give you enough time to seek a replacement in case you are not satisfied with the initial test result.

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Keep in mind that for several reasons, the stylist may not reproduce exactly the style that you want. Second, the skin tone and hair on the cover can vary from the models. First is the product available which was used by the maker. Perhaps the stylist doesn’t have any of the tools the model uses to achieve the look you want.

Some important points that you need to note to get makeup done before the wedding

Don’t hesitate to express the look you want to achieve with your stylist. Effective communication leads also to a good case. Listen to your stylist and work together to create a look and makeup that fits your face, skin tone, hair and, of course, your dress best.


Please, don’t forget to relay this to your stylist if you have skin sensitivities so he or she can know the things to use and avoid. Make sure you’re allocating enough time for the jury. Makeup artist rushing might not help you achieve the look you want.

Bridal hair and makeup test is recommended to make sure that your wedding day will look perfect. When you’re not happy with your previous stylist’s work, it will also give you ample time to find another stylist.

When you’re looking for a qualified makeup artist, you should first do the work before hiring the first person you encounter. Ask your questions, and see all the portfolios you need to see.