Accessories Photoshoot

Is it important for family photos to wear the same outfit?

One of the most critical things for a good photoshoot may be choosing the venue. Your experienced photographer might well have some suggestions and ideas that you may want to consider, because he may have expertise in discovering stunning backdrops to the outside. Perhaps far more important than a beautiful setting, is to select a spot that has some value or significance for your family. It’s all good to find a stunning lake surrounded by trees in your photos to look perfectly behind you, but if the location doesn’t matter to your family, it’s just going to be a backdrop, and forgettable.

wearing the same outfitTo that end, it’s good to choose a place where your family has something to do, or things they can connect with, like the play structures in a park, or a sandy beach or a path full of autumn leaves. Do not forget the favourite doll or blanket of your kids and wear the same outfit for family photos.

Each of these accessories will add your pictures to the raw, real-life feel. Your children will quickly forget about the photographer in a familiar place, surrounded by their own things, leaving him to truly capture the feeling and spirit of your loved ones. A image of you and your family building together a sand castle on your favorite beach strip, professionally taken and filmed, will linger in your hearts and minds for a long time to come and bring back memories of many happy days.

Once you’ve settled on the location and props it’s time to think about pros and cons of wearing the same outfit for family photoshoot. Be confident and let your outfit represent the perfect location you have selected. A fancy dress at the family play spot, and a suit and tie? Clearly not. Of course you want to look the best in the pictures, but you also want to capture your family’s true essence.

Try to coordinate, so in the pictures everyone looks good together, without challenging colors or a lot of competing jarring prints. Just make sure that everybody’s looks match with similar or contrasting colors in a friendly way.

Whatever you wear and wherever you want to have your pictures, a special moment in the history of your family will be captured by your skilled photographer in ways that no casual selfie or stiffly arranged studio photography will ever take. In several years to come these images will hold pride of place on your wall or in family albums.