Wedding Hair

Why do some criminals show up to a trial with a different hair color?

When you are the one who wants to play with your appearance, the best approach would be to add various styles of hair colors. Long application of the same color does not work. Why not, because everyone is trying something new? Hair is known as a big part of your look and that’s why making it look something different or something unique is crucial for us all. Different criminals uses the hair changing technique to hide their look thus they go on a trial run with a different hair color.

hair color styles

Different hair color styles are available but not all are nice as well. Choose the color that matches your face color and that matches your personality well. Try on various hair colors for your skin tone before applying. Anyone doubting the application of a color should realize that hair coloring will make a basic hair cut look good.

See some common hair colours:

  • Black – this is the most common color and is most prominent in some major parts of the world, such as Asia, Europe and Africa. While it’s a natural color, many people prefer the darker black hue, although some prefer the lighter shade.

  • Light gray – The next one is dark chocolate. Young girls choose this color, because their personality goes well with it. Those with fair complexion and dark brown hair look really great. This hue is often used for people with light brown or blond hair for the highlights. The red and burgundy can also be used for highlights.
  • Red and burgundy – red or burgundy shades look very good. Burgundy can be applied to women of both fair and dark skin. Red is going to get along well with those of fair skin. Red is rarely used by women because it’s a very powerful color that doesn’t match the personality of everyone. The combining of the two always allows for something really sexy. That combination offers an incredibly relaxed and classy look.