What color nails should I do with a navy blue dress for a wedding

If you have in the past dismissed the notion of wearing blue nail polish, it’s time to reassess your position. While blue nails were once synonymous with edginess, even corporate executives pull off blue nails these days and still get respect from others. Non-traditional nail polishes are increasingly entering the mainstream, and colors such as blue, green and purple will soon be as popular as red and pink.

dress for a weddingIf you’re traditional, your first blue-nail foray into the world should be a dark shade. For once you’re more relaxed, save the glitzy, shiny blues. Really light pastel blues are the best colours to continue with. In the spring time, certain colors are especially suitable. While you can wear light blues at any time of year, especially in warmer climates, they do have a special appeal if you match color nails with navy blue dresses for a wedding. Some of those white-based soft blue shades are a perfect way to ease yourself into blue nails.

Medium blues flatter upon most people for every day wear. If you have cooler skin, any kind of blue works but if your skin tone is warm or olive, you might want to go with a more yellow-based blue. Metallic blues are not just for rock shows. They’re fun for winter and New Years’ time too.

If you’re the bold kind then the bold blue shades are perfect for you. Every blue nail polish is made of a blue shimmer. Glitter polish is popular with pre-teens but if you have the personality to match any age you can pull it off. Holographic blue polish is great fun too. Keep in mind that on shorter to medium-length nails these colors work best. Long nails with sparkly blue polish will start to look garish pretty quickly so if your nails are particularly long, stay away from these shades unless it’s Halloween!

When you go for manicure colors with navy blue dresses one thing to remember is to use a good base coat, especially if you’re going for darker shades. That’s because if you don’t put a protective layer of base coat between your nails and the paint, darker colors will potentially stain your nails. Also some base coats help fill in ridges on your nails, which gives even more application. With darker shades, this is particularly helpful, as they continue to attract attention to defects in your nails. A top coat is also important, because when you don’t wear neutral shades chips are very noticeable. If the blue on your nails ends up too dark for your tastes, you can always add a strictly neutral hue over top to help tone it down a bit.