Should all bridesmaids be dressed the same

The current western weddings holds its fair share of dumb customs. Other seemingly odd wedding habits, such as having the same bridesmaids dresses, go even further back.

It’s easy to believe that the uniforms that the bride-to-be picks for her bridesmaids are designed to make herself, by contrast, more blinding. This may be valid for some brides, but the tradition did not begin there.

Starting in ancient Roman times, bridesmaids would dress like the bride, lining the altar with almost indistinguishable ladies. And that was the point: Decoys were the bridesmaids.


In the early days of the ritual which we recognize as the wedding today, brides had much more to worry about than floral arrangements. Some glad tidings had the power to draw evil spirits, for one thing — and then all the bride’s want to be grooms turned away. The idea was that bridal bevy would obscure any tension long enough for the happy couple to get on with their vows.

The Victorian era petered out the threat of demonic wedding crashes, when brides began to loosen up their protocol and dress more intricately than their bridal parties. Unfortunately the dress persisted for some of the early bridesmaids.

You’ll find tips on how to purchase the best bridesmaid clothes here:

Find your clothes

Your wardrobe and the overall wedding style (whether it is new, traditional or vintage) need to be considered. You will make sure the clothing blends into the mood.

During the wedding it is normal for a few bridesmaids to be pregnant. It is wise that you encourage the pregnant bridesmaid to wear a different style that is suitable for her body. The Empire dress is one of the best dresses you should go out for. The pregnant bridesmaid should wear a chic maternity dress too.

The wedding venue should be instrumental in deciding the best dresses for your bridesmaids. You should know about pros of wearing same bridesmaids dresses. As a thumb rule you can make sure the dresses are as comfortable as possible. If you’re going to do the wedding at the beach for example, you should go for light skirts.

Know different individuals have different complexions. You should consider the complexion of the bridesmaids when choosing the right dresses. You should go for dresses that look great on all the ladies to be on the safe side.